Sunday, September 23, 2007

The 101 Page Lawsuit

Nationwide Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Pet FoodCompanies and Retailers For Misleading Consumers Regarding the Contents of Pet Food says MF Legal, the firm in Miami taking on the case.

Blogger has an entire blog dedicated to it here. It was quite the scare that made people uneasy about feeding their pets just in the event there was another recall. The pet food companies have cut corners to make profits and put innocent pets lives in danger and to think we were being lied to the whole time. Every time you read the label it is the most misleading jibberish I've ever seen, this is what MF Legal has to say,

“Premium” Pet Food Marketed and Sold as “Complete and Balanced” Has Historically Contained Such Items as Euthanized Dogs and Cats, Restaurant Grease, Hair, Hooves, and Diseased Animals, and Other Inedible Garbage."

Will this lawsuit do anything at all? Will they fix the ingredients or what? Either way, I will not buy those foods for my pets, I wouldn't have to begin with.

Premium dry dog food Innova EVO is recognized by experts and pet owners as a very high-grade dry dog food. It contains no grains at all, relying instead on potatoes for carbohydrates. Experts note that potatoes are also a good source of B vitamins and minerals. Meat, in the form of turkey, chicken, turkey meal and chicken meal are the top four ingredients, and other meats, namely herring meal, can be found further down the ingredient list. In addition, all other ingredients are very high quality and include whole fruits such as apples, vegetables such as carrots and tomatoes, whole eggs, cottage cheese and more. The only negative we've seen is that some dogs have a little trouble tolerating the high protein levels, at least at first, and that for the same reason, Innova EVO is not a good choice for puppies.

Dry dog food Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul dry dog food is less expensive than premium brands, but it has top-quality ingredients: Chicken, turkey, chicken meal, turkey meal, whole-grain brown rice and whole-grain white rice are its primary ingredients, and there are no chemical preservatives. It's more expensive than store brands like Purina, but the main ingredient in Purina Dog Chow dry food is ground yellow corn -- a grain that most pet-nutrition experts say your dog doesn't need at all.

Premium canned dog food. A dog's diet should include both wet and dry food, and generally, canned food is of better quality, with fewer fillers, grains and preservatives. Canidae uses human-grade ingredients; its chicken and rice formula lists chicken, chicken broth, lamb, chicken liver, brown rice, barley and egg at the top. Meats are free of hormones and chemical preservatives. If you want the very best canned dog food, I recommend Canidae.

Without a doubt, the best diet for your dog to stay healthy and live long it the BARF diet. Bones and Raw Food for the newbies.


enoon said...

Ed Noon from great blog and yes keep spreading the word about raw diets.

wildcatsthree said...

Great article! I feed my 2 dogs and 3 cats a raw diet along with premium dry all natural kibble and follow the BARF principles. We need to get the word out about commercial dog foods before even more pets suffer. Please check out my site, and if you like it, would you link to it from your page. I'll do the same with your site and add as a favorite at Technorati. I'm told this helps get readers to your blog faster. Thanks and keep up the great work.